"Thank you Janine for all your efforts and your professionalism"



"Thank you so much for the effort and enthusiasm you always put into your training sessions and for inspiring these youngsters the way you do - it's really appreciated."



"I think u r an amazing teacher and have developed such rapid results with them and they both love your lessons"


"Thanks so much for stepping in to help T on Monday night - we are very lucky to have the like of you – your prompt actions are very much appreciated."


"We would like to thank you for your tireless (and patient) efforts over the last six months in helping C improve his swimming. The whole squad are well drilled, giving them the best opportunity to progress when they move on. It has done wonders for his confidence and self-belief too."


"Also we'd really like to thank you for the superb teaching M is receiving, her strokes are coming on beautifully and the times this week were brilliant!"


"Many thanks for your time and for sending your profile which is brilliant, we know that we are lucky to have private lessons with you"


"Thanks Janine for all your hard work.  The girls’ swimming has really improved since they started with you " 



"A big thank you Janine…..J has come such a long way due to you!"



"Thank you for everything this term.  You have been great.  I really appreciate it. Many thanks"


"Thanks for all your encouragement to Z – she has really enjoyed this term and has learnt so much"

 T & CM

"Janine, thank you so much for your wonderful dedication to your work.  I’m so chuffed that C got a lot out of the course, it’s great to see the way you are with them all."


"Hi Janine. Thanks for todays lesson. We can see that E and M are in great hands"


"Hello Janine.  Just wanted to let you know that V got the gold medal for consistent effort and improvement in swimming for his year.  Entire credit to you!!  Thanks a ton."


"A. will miss you and we are grateful how she improved so much over your guidance."


"You are such a great instructor and the girls have benefitted from your lessons"

J & S McH

"I want to say how thankful I am to you for teaching my girls to have confidence in the water…you are an amazing swimming teacher, I tell everyone that."


"Just a quick thank you for all your input over the crash course – you must have worked magic – D was very pleased with H’s ‘sudden’ improvement in butterfly coordination and also breastroke breathing and legs….you are amazing!"