Terms & Conditions

Please read through the Terms & Conditions, detailed below, carefully. These have been updated (February 2022):

  1. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis and on receipt of fees only.
  2. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and no credit will be given against future courses if you/your child are unable to attend. We do not offer ‘make-up’ sessions for lessons missed.
  3. If making part or staged payments for termly lessons, then you are obligated to pay for the entire term and make payments as designated and agreed at the point of first payment. Upon making the first payment (usually 50% of termly fee), you are entering into a contract with J9 and are enrolling for the full term.  Failure to pay the balance, amount and on the date/s agreed, will constitute a break in this contract and you will forfeit all rights to the fees already deposited.  You are contractually obligated to make payment for termly fees in full or alternatively, find another swim party to purchase the remaining lessons that are contractually yours.
  4. Credit or make up lessons will be offered in the unlikely event of pool closure and a full refund will be given should the course be cancelled in its entirety. All credits, refunds or make up lessons, if they have been agreed, should be taken by the end of the current term,  if payment has been made in termly instalments and certainly no later than 6 months after a lesson has been cancelled, at any given point.
  5. Toilet Facilities:
    1. There will be no toilet facilities available – please bring a potette or potty (with nappy sack) if necessary and take home all waste that is yours. Please ensure your child/ren go to toilet before coming to the pool.
    2. If not fully toilet trained, please may your child wear a swim nappy together with a neoprene outer, for the duration of time spent in the swimming pool. We may hold you responsible for any pool contamination and look to you for reimbursement of all costs should we need to close the pool and/or do pool water tests in the event of nappy leakage or a toilet accident.
  6. Changing:
    1. Please change your child into their swim kit at home, prior to their swimming lesson.
    2. Please ensure that your child has their own swim hat and goggles and that your child is wearing these prior to their swim lesson.
    3. Changing facilities should only be used by those who need to do so after their swim lesson. If warm enough, please do change your child outside the pool area. ‘Wrap and go’ would be practical: we would suggest a warm towelling robe in which to wrap your child following their session and in which to go home.
    4. Please change your child promptly and quickly and exit the premises as soon as possible.
    5. Please keep noise levels down to a minimum to prevent distracting the swim teacher and those who may be swimming before or after, especially in the changing room areas.
  7. Whilst we endeavour to allocate a specific teacher to a swimmer/s, we reserve the right to allocate another teacher in the event of absence.
  8. Parking:
    1. The Borehamwood pool is a private (residential) pool and entrance to the pool is located through a wooden side gate to the right of the house.
    2. There is parking on the road: please do not park in the driveway under any circumstances – access to vehicles parked in the driveway of 2 Beech Drive, is needed at all times.
    3. Please also do not park tight to the driveway which may impede traffic movement to and from 2 Beech Drive.
    4. We would ask that you do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your swim lesson is due to start. Wait in your car, if necessary and wait outside the pool area until it is time for the lesson to commence.
  9. Spectating and pool area:
    1. One parent per session, only, is allowed on the premises.  This is to help prevent the spread of common viruses such as colds, coughs and Covid as well as to minimise distraction in the pool.
    2. Babies in car seats are allowed but we would prefer no siblings inside the pool area as a general rule, unless they are swimming, in order to minimise interaction and distraction.
    3. We would ask all visitors (parents and children above the age of 5) to wear a face mask whilst in the pool and changing room areas. These areas are small and conditions are humid. This is to protect you, our staff, other pool users and surfaces. The wearing of face masks is not necessary if waiting outside the pool building.
  10. If swimmers can be taught with the swim teacher out of the water, this will be done. Whilst we appreciate that non swimmers will usually need a teacher in the water to assist with body position, confidence and safety, the parent does have the option of being in the water instead and the swim teacher can then teach parent and child from outside of the pool. Please do speak to your swim teacher if this is your preference.
  11. No food or drink should be consumed on the premises at any time.
  12. Illness:
    1. If you or your child has Covid, a temperature, is feeling unwell, has been vomiting and/or has diarrhoea, we would respectfully ask you not to come swimming.
    2. If in doubt, please do not come swimming: it is not fair to your child, swim teacher and to other subsequent pool users. We may hold you responsible for any pool contamination and look to you for reimbursement of costs should we need to close the pool and/or do pool water tests in the event of vomiting and/or diarrhoea etc
  13. Children not swimming should be supervised at ALL times.
    1. Please do not let your children touch any equipment or swimming aids or enter the plant room.  All breakages and any damage to equipment will need to be paid for and replaced and costs of same will be charged to the parent/guardian/carer.
    2. Please can you ensure that your children do not run around the garden or play on any outside equipment. We do not carry insurance for the use of the garden and this area of the property is used by the pool owners.
    3. To keep your child safe, please ensure that only the path on the right hand side of the wooden gate to the pool is used – at all times both to access the pool and to return to your vehicle after the swimming lesson has finished. Please ensure that when exiting 2 Beech Drive, children do not run around the driveway area – this area is in constant use
  14. Physical and/or verbal and/or written abuse by swimmer/parent/carer to J9 staff or to other pool users is not to be tolerated at any time or under any circumstances. This includes abuse relating to but not limited to the name and reputation of the business. Swimmers and their family will be asked to leave with immediate effect and will not be allowed to return. We further reserve the right to instigate legal proceedings for any physical damage or for conduct that may bring the name of J9 Swimming into disrepute.
  15. Please leave the pool area as clean and tidy as when you first entered it – and take home any rubbish that is yours.